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USC Human Services Amnesty International Discussion

1.Aligning the Strategic Plan

You have planned a plan in the initial outline of your Strategic Plan and drafted a budget. Briefly, explain your chosen organization’s mission and vision, and assess whether the initial outline, SWOT/PEST analysis, and budget align.

In your discussion, critically assess what you consider to be the primary factors that demonstrate alignment. If there are factors that fall outside alignment, identify them and briefly state what you consider will be the necessary changes to bring them into alignment.

Your post must:

  • Be at least 250 words
  • 2. What Is the Theoretical Foundation for the Plan?
  • After many discussions and a few assignments where you have directly engaged the strategic planning process, you are now ready to inspect the various theories on which strategic planning, or planning, depend. Vojelij (2015) offers a debate about planning theory versus planning practice in your readings for this unit. Consider this challenge as you identify the theoretical basis for your strategic planning process.In your readings of Yarger (2006) and Anderson (2004), you can see there are various perspectives on theory. One set of theories undergird big strategies that government leaders use to assess trends, ideas, concepts, and threats that may confront a government like the United States. While your plan may not operate at this level, it is useful to understand that there are different theories for strategic planning affected by the scope of the organization. The Anderson reading takes a more commonly used perspective of change theory applied in the community-based context.Focus on Section 3 (pages 10–15) of Anderson and “A Theory Stated: Strategic Logic” (pages 5–16) of the Yarger reading. State what you consider to be the theory on which you base your plan. (Simply discuss this in your own words.)Your post must:
    • Be at least 250 words.
    • Contain a minimum of one reference with citation in APA style.
    • Follow APA style guidelines.


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