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USC Leadership Interview in a Gerontological Institution Essay

Each student or student team will choose one of the following sites and interview (via Zoom or a similar platform) a leader from the organization, then submit a Leadership Interview Essay.

1. For-profit nursing home

2. Nonprofit nursing home

3. Assisted living facility

4. Board and care facility

5. Memory care or Alzheimer facility

6. Continuing care retirement community

7. Area agency on aging

8. Disease specific organization such as the Alzheimer Association

9. State or national AARP office

10. Home health care organization

11. Federal agency on aging such as the National Institute on Aging or the Administration on Aging, 

12. State Department on Aging

13. Foundation that funds aging projects

14. Geriatric clinic

15. Law firm or legal agency that is involved in Elder law

16. PACE program

17. REIT that invests in long-term care facilities

18. Another gerontological program

Call the facility, community, organization, or agency and ask to speak with the administrator, president, or executive director. Explain that the interview is part of a graduate course focusing on leadership and management in gerontology and tell them that you wish to interview one of their senior employees. Set up a date and time for the interview. Ask them to describe their facility, their mission, goals, challenges, achievements, and their leadership and management style. 

Talk with the President, Administrator, Executive Director, and senior staff about their daily challenges. Ask them how they chose their field of endeavor. Ask about their career trajectory. Find out what they did prior to their current job. Discuss their approach to management. Ask about how they acquired their leadership and management skills. Ask how they responded to COVID 19. Each student must include in their Leadership Interview Essay, the three key leadership traits that made the person they interviewed a great leader. THE FOCUS OF THIS INTERVIEW SHOULD BE ON LEADERSHIP. 

Do not use the name(s) of the people interviewed; you may designate them as Mr. K, or Nurse M, or Administrator O.


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