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USC The Native North American History Art and Culture Research Paper


Students will complete one (1) Research Project: a Native Profile or a Native Research Subject. The research project will be submitted through CANVAS during the semester, as indicated within the course schedule. Please note that the research project will replace a “formal” research topic paper. Research projects are to be submitted through CANVAS.No email submissions will be accepted, unless otherwise instructed by the Professor.

The research project will include an Abstract (minimum of 2 full pages of text) to be completed in advance of the presentation itself. A successful Abstract will include:

  1. A narrative outline of the research project, 2. Samples of research materials, and, 3. A working time-line for the completion of the research project. More information and the due dates for these required assignments are listed within the syllabus, and will be discussed throughout the semester. Detailed information about an Abstract – and a sample of an Abstract format – can be found in the “Writing Assistance” page on CANVAS. Please review this area in detail before starting this required assignment.

    Students are allowed to select their own topics/subjects, based upon the course content, in order to complete these research projects. However, topics and/or subjects for the research projects may be assigned or suggested by the Professor.

The Research Project should follow one of these two formats: a Native Profile (a biographical style project) or, a Native Research Subject (a subject based research project). Detailed information regarding these research projects is listed in the “Research” page within the “Assignments, Exams & Course” area on CANVAS.

Resources for each project presentation will contain a minimum combination of two (2) different sources (i.e., books, articles, websites, interviews, videos). Presentations may be in one (1) of the following forms:

1. Formal Paper Presentation – 25 minimum page (double spaced) paper.
2. Film/Video Presentation – 15 minute minimum length required (no paper required)
3. Power Point or Prezi ( (Links to an external site.) )Presentation – 20 full slides of content required (no paper required)
4. Combination (i.e., Power Point/Prezi Presentation with Interactive Presentation – i.e., Film, Interviews) – 15-20 minute minimum length of video, 10 – 15 full slides of content required. Please check with the Professor for additional assistance if this option is selected.

The ratio requirements for film and Power Point/Prezi slides can be found within the “Writing Assistance” page on CANVAS.

Any alteration to the criteria will result in a substantial lowering or failure of the entire project for the entire group. Research materials should come from scholarly and/or peer-reviewed journals and articles. No Wiki websites (i.e., Wikipedia) should be used for either research project. The inclusion of these websites will result in a substantial lowering of the overall grade for the project.

BOOK USED: An Introduction To Native North America 5th edition by Mark Q Sutton


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