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Use of the Brightspace System in Business Responses

Andre DeStefano posted Sep 27, 2021 7:21 PM

Hello Everyone,

This was my first semester and class at SNHU, and I think it has greatly helped me in understanding how to participate and work in future courses. I had an enjoyable and informative time learning the Brightspace system and participating in the discussion boards. I was a little intimidated in the discussion boards at first considering I think I am one of the youngest and least experienced students being fresh out of my undergraduate program without any substantial job experience, but everyone was very kind and I learned a lot through reading others experiences and insights. I’ve learned to always do the work as soon as possible for future classes, as that leaves more time to interact with others and reflect on your work.

I think the biggest challenges I faced in this course was learning to navigate the Brightspace system and not being able to see everyone face to face. I’m used to learning in person, and even when I took online classes for my last year at the University of Connecticut I mainly had zoom classes where our cameras were on. Having an entirely asynchronous class was a little challenging at first, but within a week I adapted to it. In the VUCA world of work you could be working in an office one day and then have to work remotely the next due to a pandemic, so this class has helped me in learning how to adapt to different learning and working environments. In fact, now I enjoy the asynchronous classroom angle more than being in a classroom. Future classes will bring similar challenges where I will have to adapt to new learning styles, which will further help me in the VUCA world where everyday can present a new challenge.

The fourth industrial revolution has simplified the work for many by analyzing, diagnosing, and fixing issues without the need for human interaction. While these technologies are helpful, they have also proven to be a challenge for leaders in the VUCA environment. With the rate that technology advances, leaders are pressed to constantly adapt how they lead others. New technology means retraining for employees, and even in scenarios being let go. Leaders have to learn how to adapt to these changes with the employees, while at the same time be a source of comfort and reassurance.

Considering these challenges, I want to continue learning how to adapt to new technologies and environments in order to lead others more effectively through these changing times. My future work in the SNHU program will benefit me by constantly challenging me to adapt to new software’s and frameworks, so eventually I can be the type of leader who can reassure others that I can help teach them to become leaders as well.

When responding to at least two of your peers’ postings, your responses should show that you have given thought to what the original post said. They should also push the conversation forward, offering insights or asking clarifying questions if necessary. Write a post of 1 to 2 paragraphs. Use proper citation methods for your discipline when referencing scholarly or popular sources

Consider the following questions:

Does your response push the conversation forward?

Does your response offer your perspective?

What about your peers’ stories can you relate to?

What can you learn from your peers’ stories?

Are your responses clear?

Have you considered the viewpoints or insights of the posts?



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