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UT Much of The Healthcare System and Public Health System in United States Response

Respond to the following in an academic manner:

The healthcare organization in Ethiopia is vastly different when compared to the United States. In the U.S., much of the healthcare system and public health system are regulated at the state and federal levels, with various government agencies tasked with different roles and responsibilities, with federal insurance programs like Medicare and Medi-Caid. In Ethiopia, much of the healthcare system is coordinated by the Ministry of Health, with much of the public health system being decentralized to the Regional Health Bureau level (International Trade Administration, n.d.). However, the Ministry of Health is currently working on measures to improve the quality of their healthcare system to be better suited to meet global health goals. Because Ethiopia is primarily a rural country, the Ministry of Health and placed the authority of public health into the individual regional states, as they believe that these leaders will have a better understanding of the communities they serve and the issues they face. Current public health issues affecting Ethiopia are directly related to communicable diseases like TB, Malaria and HIV, as well as issues related to sanitation, malnutrition and adequate housing. The Ministry of Health is the primary body responsible for healthcare regulation within the country, however, they have branches such as the Ethiopian Food and Drug Administration (EFDA) and the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency (EPSA) which are responsible for the regulation of pharmaceuticals and other treatments. Although a form of national health insurance coverage does not exist, the Ministry of Health is working towards the development of such a plan. At this time, most of the healthcare costs are funded by donations from other countries and direct aid from the government, with the remaining being paid out of pocket by the individual consumer (International Trade Administration, n.d.).


International Trade Administration. (n.d.). Ethiopia.


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