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Utah State University Wk 5 Personal Theory Improvement Discussion Response

Christiane posted:

The following was my original theory; Health equity achievement for patients from low socioeconomic status (Concept A) advances through (Proposition)the methodical use of empowering instruments (Concept B). The concepts are health equity achievement and empowering instruments. Advancing was used to describe the methodical use of all available services, tools, components, linkages, and organizations-which function independently-that when engaged together will move the patient along to health equity achievement. In other words, without the use of all the available empowering instruments you cannot reach your end goal. 

The conceptual model is Jean Watson’s Caring Process: Caring (10 Caritas) (Concept A) improves (Proposition) health (Concept B). 

The phenomenon is public health nurses-social organizations-patients are a team which need to work together to build a trusting relationship aimed at health equity. Public health nursing and social organizations: building bridges, building trust, building relationships: Working towards health equity.

Teamwork represents nurturing relationships which represents caring

Health equity represents health.

Nurturing relationships leads to health

My new theory is, teamwork (Concept A) helps achieve (Proposition) health Equity (Concept B)

According to Lee (2021), a critical skill to engagement with people from other cultures is understanding the community and the culture, and networking with their social organizations. This concept builds on Caritas four, nurturing loving trusting caring relationships (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2021).

A method which can be used to measure teamwork is by utilizing the Caring Factors Survey (DiNapoli et al., 2008). The survey could be adjusted to measure Caritas four, rather than all 10. The survey would be given to all team members with emphasis on relationship building and their commitment to the process.

The Health Equity Measurement Framework (Dover & Belon, 2019) can be utilized to measure health equity. This is a very complex framework but, when utilized it emphasizes areas for intervention.


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