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UTD How Not to Be Ignorant About the World Video Discussion & Responses

plz watch the video and write 150 word about what do you think about the video:

this is the first one iI need 150 word reply :

This video was extremely intriguing. When asked the survey questions at the beginning, I found myself answering the questions with a pessimistic point of view. Just like how he noted that people’s personal views tend to be very “everything is getting worse,” I found myself not even realizing that I think the same thing. I was answering the questions with the majority. The rules of thumb really opened my eyes. We truly are taught what to think and how to feel by the media who doesn’t even know how to think or feel themselves. Maybe our pessimistic viewpoints are brought on because the only thing we see from the media is situations that intrigue is, and usually these situations are negative. How often do we actually do the research ourselves, take ourselves out of the viewpoint of media, and see exactly what kind of economy we live in? This made me feel a little better about our economy and my future in it.

this is the second one:

This video is about how media could give false data about percentages to the people compare to the chimps who don’t use media and at least they have a better accuracy on percentages. I do agree that media gives wrong information that is why is so important to make our own research and not rely on what the media says. Yes, I believe that in this world we have is ignorance we will always have that because humans are not perfect because all of us have different types of talents, knowledge even bodies so it is impossible, but what I did not like about this video is that they say that the chimps are better and smarter because that is lie we humans are more intelligent than animals. I agree that we should improve and think positively because then percentages would decrease. Do you believe that chimps are smarter than humans?


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