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Utica College Social Support Table Discussion Response

Complete the Social Support Table (“Assess Yourself 4-5”) on page 121 of your textbook.


* In your discussion post, share with the class the following:

– the description of your table and who each chair represents in your social support system
– Summarize questions 4-8 in your post

Respond to to the following:

My social support table consisted of 9 different people in my life. 4 of my family members; my parents, my sister and my brother, and 5 of my closest friends, 2 of which are my room mates. When placing my group of supportive people at my table, I grouped everyone according to who knows each other best, and mostly my family grouped together at one end of the table. For each and everyone of the people I have chosen, I ask of the same thing, expect the same thing, and need the same thing. Those things include tough love, even when I don’t want it, I need to hear it & to show me respect and love because I will always try my best to do the same, I always want them to know they’re loved and appreciated.
I rate my group a 10/10. They have all in different ways been there for me when I needed it the most. They’re all very different people who have been through things the other may not have been through and can give different perspectives on different things. I over all feel like I do not give up much in return for this support, my group of people over all are very present and there for me as I am for them.
If I could add one more chair to my support group, it would be for a friend of mine, who I ask for the same support, but on a more neutral basis. It isn’t think I do not appreciate the support they are trying to give me, it is just on a different level. 


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