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Utica College Statistic in Healthcare Discussion

Post A

  • I personally believe I am part of the solution however sometimes I feel as if the escalation eventually goes to a dead end. I do feel there could be improvement on various issues and often hear complaints from coworkers. Not many people take initiative to fix what is broken. For example, when a computer scanner does not work, co-workers will just find another one instead of placing a work order to fix it or even relaying the message to the charge nurse.

I have not been a part of any committee however I can present an example of when I tried to solve an issue with no resolution. There are two different medication room we have at each end of the hallway. These also carry certain supplies such as IV catheter kits. One of them has everything needed to start an IV while the other is missing the tubing with no tray to stock it in. I mentioned it to management 2 years ago and to this day there was no resolution. I tried to problem solve issues at my hospital however when no resolution is ever reached it becomes challenging to want to keep trying.

My previous organization had a safety committee that met every week to discuss patient falls. It would involve the manager and the people in charge of the patient when they fell. They described different situations where the fall could have become preventable. It was a learning opportunity to understand why this was occurring so often as well as educating staff. Bringing preventative measures to this committee can help contribute to the overall goals of this group. The facility population, hazards present, and management styles often affects each organizations needs and in this instance, falls were a priority (Ndana, 2018).


Ndana, J. (2018). Increasing Safety Committee Effectiveness: Through a Team-of-Teams Approach. Professional Safety, 63(5), 30–34.

Post B

I do work with people who complain and point out problems, but most are willing to help improve the situation after they voice their opinions. I try to be part of the solution. I work in the nursing skills lab at a community college. I am co-chair for our Operational Improvement Committee (OIC). This committee would be like a unit-based group, the unit being the skills lab. The committee’s main goal is to have consistency between all the skills labs and the nurses that work in them. Students come to the lab to practice their skills but hear different ways of doing the skills from the different nurses. This can lead to confusion for the students. The committee reviews skills, procedures, and EBPs to strive for consistency.

The committee is effective in ways and not effective in other ways. The committee was able to get consistency regarding the skills checklists used in each lab. Where the committee struggled was to develop a par level system for supplies. The nurses in the committee are very opinionated and do not like to give in. They do not agree on the par level of supplies and refused to change because to them, there is no problem in how it is done currently. There are 3 campuses that have a skills lab, and each campus does their supply par levels differently. One person orders the supplies for all 3 campuses and had to learn 3 different strategies for par levels. Effective committees are important because they encourage communication, evidenced-based practice, and education. They contribute to facility guidelines, offer mentorship, and offer support (International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 2018).


International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis. (2018). Nurse committee – Purpose, objectives and goals.


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