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UTRGV Important Role that Color Plays in The Environment Discussion

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PART 1 : Go to the website.

1. Click on the Color and Design link (top menu bar).

2. Click on Basic Color Theory. Read the information and take notes on pertinent


3. Click on Color and Vision (top menu bar). Read the information on Color &

Vision Matters and Color & Accident Matters.

4. Click on the Color & the Body (top menu bar). Read the information on

the Color and Appetite Matters and Drunk Tank Pink.

5. I encourage you to explore all of the other pages and links on the website.

6. After reading the interesting pages about color post a well thought out reaction.

(250 word minimum) about what you found most interesting and why.’

PART 2: Google “college public art collections”, “university public art collections” and “public art” to see some examples of artwork other colleges are collecting through percent for public art programs.

1. Based on what you’ve learned so far in this course, do you see a need for public artwork on the South Texas College (McAllen, TX) campuses? Explain why.

2. Do you think South Texas College would benefit from a percent for public art program which would provide a permanent public art collection on all the campuses?

3. How could public art on campus benefit students and the community?

4. If you think STC should start a percent for public art program, insert an image in your post of a public artwork you think would be appropriate for one of the 5 STC campuses.

5. If you do not live in the area and are not familiar with the STC campuses, choose an artwork you think would be appropriate on any college campus.

6. If on the other hand, you don’t think public art would benefit the STC campuses, explain why and insert an image of something you think would benefit the students and community. Example: Rose Garden, Rock Climbing Wall

When choosing an artwork to insert in your post remember public art must be available to the public without entering a building or paying a fee. Consider how the elements will affect the artwork. Public art must be able to withstand bad weather, animals, critters, bugs, birds and must be fairly easy to clean and maintain. An oil painting in a frame would not be a good choice to hang on the side of building. Search Google or other search engines for images of public art to consider.


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