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UW Whitewater Sociology White Collar Crime Essay Questions


Watch the video to understand the Boeing 737 Max crashes

Section A 

Consider the opportunity approach to white-collar crime as it relates to the Boeing 737 Max crashes. Can the theory adequately explain this particular instance of corporate violence? Why or why not? Regardless of your opinion on whether or not it is appropriate to apply the opportunity perspective, attempt to do so. What specific factors combined to create a criminal opportunity for Boeing? Describe them in detail. What criminal techniques were used by Boeing and how? Describe them in detail. Identify one class concept (not related to the opportunity perspective) that can help us make sense of Boeing as a motivated offender. 

It is June of 1991. You are Pacific State University’s resident expert on the crimes of the powerful and one of your students, Alex, wants to conduct a study on the Exxon Valdez disaster. She is interested in the oil spill itself as well as the resulting lawsuits. She informs you that she grew up in Cordova, Alaska and is friends with some of the Exxon employees working on the clean up. Alex plans to ask these friends if they will put her in touch with officials at Exxon so she can conduct participant observation by interviewing higher-ups and observing their internal meetings. Give Alex your expert opinion on her research proposal. Is this a “good” method for her topic? If so, explain why and identify its strengths–if you think it is necessary, suggest some areas that could be improved. If not, explain why–identify the weaknesses and propose a more appropriate method. Explain why the method(s) you suggest is more appropriate.

Section B

Question 2: Why does white-collar crime receive less attention from criminologists and our criminal justice system than conventional “street” crime? Justify your perspective with evidence/ examples.


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