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UW Whitewater US Invasion of Iraq & State Crimes Sociology Questions

First complete this activity to respond question #2 prompt.

you will be using data from the US Census Bureau to gain a better understanding of Flint, MI and the people who were harmed by this instance of state crime. Follow the steps below and use the information gathered to answer the corresponding question on the LR 3 due later this week.

1. Visit the census website: (Links to an external site.)

2. Select “Race” from the dropdown box that appears when you click “All topics”

Under “Race” record the demographic data for the following (note: you’ll want to write this down as this info is required for the LR assignment).

  • Percent of the population in Flint that is “White alone”
  • Percent of the population in Flint that is “Black alone”

3. Select “Income & Poverty and record data for the following:

  • Median household income in Flint
  • Per capita income in Flint
  • Percent of persons in poverty in Flint

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for Benton Harbor City, MI and then for Michigan as a whole. You can do this by clicking the box at the top left of your screen that says “Enter state, county, city….” and type in “Michigan.” You should then see the demographics for Michigan represented alongside those for Flint. Record the same data for the entire state of Michigan that you did for the city of Flint.


  1. Kramer, Michalowski, and Rothe argue that the US invasion of Iraq is an illegal war. They point to several different sources to support their claims. According to Kramer et al., why can the invasion in Iraq be considered illegal under both the United Nations Charter and IHL? (Note: you do not need to discuss ALL of the ways the US violated the United Nations’ Charter and IHL, you can pick one of each and be detailed in your explanation).
  2. Explain what you learned about Flint in the research activity associated with the August 6: “Deep Dive” lesson plan. In your opinion, how does this data add to our understanding of state crime and its victims? In other words, why is this information relevant to the study of state crime? Explain your perspective.
  3. I have been teaching about what happened in Flint since 2015. I used to ask students to “put themselves in the position of the people in Flint” and reflect on how they would be react. I stopped asking this question when (year after year) folks resorted to victim blaming. Some of the most common responses to the reflection prompt were: “if I was living in Flint, I would not have stood for that or put my family in danger like that. I would have just left or forced the government to fix the problem”. In your opinion, why are these kinds of reactions misguided? What does this perspective assume about the role of government and individual responsibility?

For question #1 of the prompts, read the article (highlighted only) “The Supreme International Crime” to answer.

Use the article link… to answer question #3


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