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UWL Next Plc Company SWOT and PESTLE Analysis Fashion Management Report

feedback:This is a good idea but it doesn’t take into account the fact that Top Shop has closed down last year and been sold to separate companies like ASOS.

Aside from this you have some good information but make sure that you don’t use references or sources that are old, you have a reference from 2014. Try and stick to articles or information in the last two to three years, that may be another reason why you haven’t seen that Topshop is closed.

For the SWOT, again, there is the issue of the fact that Topshop has closed down so lots of the point you are making are not relevant but you do have some good points to make.

Your brand positioning map is good however you include Dorothy Perkins which as part of the Arcadia and Topshop group was also closed down and sold off to boohoo last year this is the sort of research we expect you to know no and carry out yourself on a fashion management course. You also should discuss the brands on the positioning map and analyse the competitors to say why they are placed where they are on the map.

Your pest analysis is good but isn’t supported by much reliable evidence, you need much more research to back it up.

Your Be Real campaign is a good collaboration idea and could work well. It’s just a shame you chose to try and do this with Topshop but you do have in your rationale some good comparable charity collaborations that you have shown as ideas for how this collaboration could be successful.

You have well identified risks and some good points made here for the launch of the campaign is a good idea but again you talked about launching installs which clearly are not open at the moment.


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