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UWM Writing Research Essay

Each student will complete a 5-6-page essay that explores his or her own context and worldview through the researching of a great thinker. The paper should be double-spaced, written in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font with 1” margins and will be submitted via Canvas in Week 6. This is an official research essay, and you must cite your sources (3-4 sources). USE (APA) format.

The student will choose a religious leader, philosopher, scientist, or great thinker from contemporary history (the list from which to choose is provided at the end of the syllabus, Appendix B, but the student may also choose a thinker who is not on the list). Based on an investigation of the individual’s writings (you MUST refer to some of his/her writings) and life accomplishments, as well as through the use of biographical sources, the student should think about how that thinker has influenced the culture in which the student lives. What is the thinker’s religious convictions or philosophy of life? How has this thinker influenced contemporary culture? How has this thinker impacted (knowingly or unknowingly) your worldview? What are the implications for how you understand the world, and how you might choose to accept or reject elements of culture?

The paper should not be written just as a report that answers the questions above. Rather, paint a picture of the great thinker and his/her impact for your reader:

-The beginning of the paper should briefly introduce the subject of the paper that includes some biographical information.

-The middle of the paper should explore the answers to the questions in the assignment. This information should be a synthesis of the person’s writings/art/music, biographical information and the student’s own interpretation.

-The conclusion of the paper should focus on how learning about this thinker has made the student think about their own culture and context.




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