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Valencia College How Do You Define the Terms Social Outcast and In Crowd Questions

Answer the following questions (1-6):

  1. What was your definition of literature before arriving to this class? How does that change taking into consideration the Eagleton scholarly source “What Is Literature?”?
  2. How do you define the terms “social outcast” and “in crowd”?
  3. Referencing 3 pieces of literature from this unit, describe how the literature portrays the “in crowd.” (Note: this is a little bit more complicated than figuring out the “outcast.” Hint: Figure out the character of the “outcast” to better determine the normative “in crowd.” Provide one quote from each piece of literature. Follow each quote with an explanation of how the quote demonstrates the notion of the “in crowd.”
  4. According to you, why is it significant to put the “outcast” and “in crowd” in opposition? Is it reflecting a reality outside the literature? Can you provide an example to demonstrate? What popular culture (TV, film, music, video games, and so on) is the first thing you think of when you think of outcast and in crowd?
  5. According to an expert, how are the ideas of “outcast” and “in crowd” significant to society? What purpose do they serve? Who do they serve?* Provide a citation for your source.**
  6. Complete one of the following
    1. How does the work of Smith, Holiday, Adeyemi, and Mullins connect to our worlds and experiences in a way that LeGuin’s story and Hunger Games do not?
    2. What circumstances do they speak to in our society? What voices do they represent? What happens to these voices within our day to day lives? In our historical textbooks?
    3. Of Smith, Holiday, Adeyemi, what speaks to you directly and why?
    4. Explain a current day situation within the U.S. that demonstrates a similar example of the way one group’s subjugation is used for the benefit of another group, thus creating a parasitic relationship between the two groups.
    5. Explain what The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas and Hunger Games thesis (argument or overall point) is about these kinds of parasitic social relationships. Do the texts suggest that the relationship is good or bad for the society, useful or negatively impacting? Provide one example from each text and explain why or how those examples demonstrate the thesis you described above.

*To find an expert, read this first: (Links to an external site.)

**To cite in MLA format, visit our course resource, Purdue OWL: (Links to an external site.) You may also begin inputting sources into your Zotero app if you have already downloaded it. Or, you may use the website generator version of Zotero for the time being: (Links to an external site.)


  1. How are your and your peers’ understanding of literature similar and different?
  2. Compare your peers’ scholarly source to your scholarly source. Be very specific about what criteria is met/unmet. Evaluate their source using the following criteria: (Links to an external site.)
  3. What is your favorite part of your peer’s post? Explain using quotes from your peer’s post.


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