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Vector Addition Report

Report Question 1

What factors could contribute to this sensitivity?

Report Question 2

Report the difference between what you’ve experimentally measured and what the simulation predicted. Are they within the expected sensitivity of the instrument?

Report Question 3

Include the results and work of this calculation in the lab report. Also, draw a graphical vector diagram that shows how the system should be in equilibrium.

Report Question 4

Give the details of this calculation and compare your analytical results with the the experimental results.

Draw a vector diagram that shows the table arrangement.


Include the name and number of experiment. Include your section number, and lab instructor‘s name as well your own.


In your own words, give a brief description of the main idea behind the experiment(s). Explain how to the topics explored in the experiment relate to the everyday world or a particular application in science. [1 point]

(the following sections might need to be repeated if there are multiple experiments in the same lab)


Describe briefly the procedure of the experiments. [1 point]


Data – Include all tables, graphs, and figures as required. Everything must be clearly and neatly labeled. Graphs must have titles, axes need to be labeled and have units.

Tables must have titles: Table 1: Distance (m) versus Time(sec)

Do not just hand in the scrap paper you used during lab. [3 points]

Questions – Answer all questions that were listed throughout the lab. Thoughts are clear, and give justification for your answers. [3 points]


State a summary of your results. Was the result what you expected? Why or why not? Include sources of error, “human error” is not acceptable, “incorrectly counting trials leading to…” is acceptable.

Make suggestions for improving the procedure, if any. Writing and grammar should be at university levels. (i.e. spelling and grammar are correct) [2 points]


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