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VHS Charles Darwin and Jean-Baptiste Lamarck Dialogue on Evolution Report

Assignment: Contributions to Modern Theories of Evolution

Like evolution itself, it took many mind years and countless minds to arrive at our modern theory on evolution. In this assignment, you will create a dialogue between two scientists who made significant contributions to our understanding of evolution.


Your task is to select two scientists who made significant contributions to modern theories of evolution and to create a fictional dialogue between the individuals. The dialogue may be written as a transcript of a phone call, a series of written letters, e-mails, texts, or even social media postings. The dialogue should include the following:

  1. The main idea or theory of your selected scientists.
  2. Any evidence or relevant examples that support the theory or ideas of your selected scientists.
  3. How the ideas of the selected scientists advanced or furthered the understanding of evolution at the time.

Regardless of the format you choose to use, your dialogue should include three main exchanges between your selected scientists where they are discussing their theories on evolution. There is no maximum word count; however, you should aim to have each scientist use 50 words for these main exchanges. As an estimate, your two scientists should exchange 300 words across their three main exchanges in their conversation.


You are encouraged to be creative with this assignment. Consider using images, where appropriate, to connect to your scientists dialogue. Although you are expected to use the proper scientific terminology and present factual information, you can make your scientists talk as one would on social media the 21st century.

Word limits are provided to give you some guidance as to the general expectation. You may go above (or below) the suggested guidelines. Your submission will be graded on the quality of the exchanges, including your understanding and application of the various theories on evolution, rather than the word total.


You may select from the following list of scientists for this assignment:

  • Charles Lyell
  • Thomas Malthus
  • Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
  • Mary Leakey
  • Charles Darwin
  • Stephen Jay Gould
  • Niles Eldredge
  • Mary Anning

    Assessment Details

    Your submission should include the following:


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