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Victims of Communism Discussion

Student #1 Tricia Douglas

Anastasia Lin’s experience with communist China resonated with the me most out of all the stories by the Victims of Communism Witness Project. Lin’s childhood experience of unknowingly being groomed into a communist informant due to her naivety is one of the most disheartening circumstances I have ever heard of. I had no factual understanding of how societies functioned under communism/socialism regimens. Growing up in Jamaica, less than 100 miles from Cuba, I suppose my thoughts on a communist society were based in ignorance. I had one thought when I would hear the word “Communism”; that thought was “everyone is equal so that means everyone has a car and a house”. Since watching the stories of several people at the Victims of Communism Witness Project my entire perspective has changed. I am now able to see communism/socialism for the pure evil that it is and I am frightened that such cruelty still exists in the world. To anyone who claims that socialism in any form is a “good way to live”, my first response would be to question their understanding of what socialism really means for the people of society. Lack of understanding is a dangerous factor in drawing conclusions; it can destroy society from the inside out. I would go on to explain to this person that freedom does not truly exist in a socialist society.

If I could ask Lin three questions they would be: “Do you still consider China as your home?”, “Do you believe we can achieve a communist/socialist-free world?” and “Do you believe the international community should be doing more to dethrone the communist regimen in China?”. I believe victims of communism and socialism like Lin, share their stories to educate people and to get more help in fighting back against communism.

Student #2 Emily Pastor

All of the videos were very empowering. The situations these people have been through is amazing and wild at the same time. It was so different to hear someone talk about their story than to read about it. Ji-seong-ho was the most compelling to me. His story was just so inspiring and motivational. This man, disabled and alone, traveling 10,000km to reach freedom was just different from the rest. It stood out and amazed me.

His story about escaping communism sounded common to me. I read and heard much about people fleeing their countries to escape communism. I knew that communism was the government owned everything and supposedly everyone was to have everything disturbed equally but that is where the lie comes in. I think they paint this picture when I’m reality it’s a different story.

I’ve learned how much communism has effected multiple countries. I knew about Cuba and North Korea, but had little knowledge of other countries suffering through this. I was saddened to see many countries effected by this.

It’s a false image. People who think this is a realistic way of living, have to dig deeper. Not only see what they want to show but also the secrets that are being hidden by the government. I would have them watch these videos and rethink about this.

My first question would go to Ji-Seong Ho and just how? For months this man walked for freedom. Where did he find his strength? My next question would be to David Smolansky, and how did he feel confronting the dictator of Venezuela? When I saw that video my jaw dropped. His story was also very inspiring.

These people need to share their story. It’s important that people hear this stories and realize how damaging communism is. All the people that are dyingand being murdered that need help. This message is so important. We are al humans and app deserve to be treated right. There is lo reason to be killing people.


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