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Vincennes University Misconception on Evolution Research Paper

For this assignment, you will be writing an essay with the goal of convincing someone who thinks that species do not evolve over time that this is actually a misconception from a scientific perspective. Some people think that a change in the gene frequency a population from one generation to the next (known as microevolution) does not happen and that the formation of new species from an existing species (known as macroevolution) has never occurred. After completing the reading and assignments for Chapters 13-15 of your textbook over the last few weeks, you will write your essay based on what you have learned from these chapters to convince someone that does not share your scientific perspective that you are in fact correct in your support of the scientific theory of evolution. In your final paper, be sure to include the following elements to your argument:

1) Clearly state the misconception that you are trying to refute, which is that evolution does not occur.

2) Include several specific facts, details, reasons, and/or examples that show or demonstrate why the misconception is inaccurate from a scientific perspective.

3) Explain how evolution can be described as ‘descent with modification’.

4) Include several specific facts, details, reasons, and/or examples that show or demonstrate the difference between microevolution and macroevolution.

5) Present your ideas in a clear and logical order, including an introduction, body, and conclusion.

6) Use the vocabulary that you learned in Chapters 14-16 and from the videos to show that you truly understand the information these chapters presented and can effectively use this information to support/discuss a scientific concept.

7) Use correct grammar, punctuation, and check for proper spelling. If you would like to send me your rough draft, I will happily give you feedback and help with proofreading.

8) The length requirement for this assignment is 2 full pages, 12 pt font, with single spacing.

The overview video explaining this assignment can be found at the following link:

And at the screencast-o-matic link:

REMEMBER that this final essay is serving as our final exam, so if you have any questions regarding the


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