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Vinho Winery Transportation Discussion and Response to Peers

PART 1: For your Milestone Two assignment, you will be analyzing actual cost to determine the profitability of certain areas of the business. To help you get started with Milestone Two, you will use this discussion to analyze a specific area of the organization and discuss with your peers all of the costs associated with it.

For your initial post, consider the Vinho Winery scenario. Choose either production or transportation and explain how you would account for the costs associated with that part of the business. What factors need to be considered?

In response to your peers, select a classmate who chose the business area that is different from yours. Do you feel your peer accounted for all of the associated costs? Why or why not? Which factors are the same as the factors from the business area that you chose? Which factors are different?

Note: You will not be able to see your peers’ posts until you make your initial post.

PART 2: Provide a status report to your classmates and instructor. Describe any modifications that you have made to the design or documentation, discuss whether you encountered any new challenges or risks, and describe the mitigation strategy you implemented for addressing each risk. Are you meeting the objectives identified in your system proposal?

  • What hardware, software, virtual desktop resources, and so on will you need to design and implement your system?
  • What adjustments have you made to your document based on peer feedback?
  • How do system components and applications interface and share data?

In response to your peers, provide constructive feedback on their system design document progress and suggestions that they can incorporate into their documentation or projects. Is a sufficient amount of detailed information being provided to enable implementation by any skilled IT practitioner? Do you see any potential obstacles that they might come up against? If so, what approach can they take to overcome these challenges?

When preparing your status reports, be sure that they are clear and well written. Engage your classmates in discussions that mimic the team dynamics expected in professional, real-world information technology project environments.

PART 3:: For this assignment, you will continue to build on your Labor Hours spreadsheet to examine the actual costs of a business project.

Prompt: Using the Labor Hours spreadsheet, expand the table in the Data tab to capture the actual cost of this project by performing the following steps:

1. Total the complete labor cost.
a) Add a column that totals the labor for each employee, given the added criteria. (See the last two bullets in the scenario box below.)
b) Total the complete labor cost.

2. Think about what additional costs would contribute to the overall cost of the project.

a) Below is a list to consider. Add additional columns to capture these costs. (Note: Not all of these should be included; read each bullet carefully.)
i. The project is located 30 miles from the office, and the company pays the employees .54¢ per mile to travel to the worksite and back.
ii. You are using $1,000 in materials left over from another project.
iii. Because the worksite is in a remote location, a portable office with restrooms had to be leased at a cost of $300 per day.
iv. At the cost of $350 per employee, the company provides all employees with uniforms and safety equipment. This equipment is replaced
on a yearly basis.
v. The company pays for a $60 food platter to be delivered to the site every day to feed all of the workers.
vi. Fuel to run the generator in the portable office costs $10 per day and is included in the lease agreement.
vii. A security service had to be contracted by the company to safeguard the worksite 24 hours a day at the cost of $720 per day.

b) Total the entire project cost.

3. Create a new tab titled Actual. Provide a summary statement that recommends reducing costs without lowering labor rates.


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