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Violation of The Christian Views on Ethics Essay

(1)  You are an executive in your company. A senior executive of your key competitor has recently interviewed you extensively for a more lucrative position with this competitor. Having not heard back from the interviewer, you did some investigation and found out that, this was a fake interview aimed only at gaining competitive intelligence.  You know that this fake interview is a violation of the Christian religious view of ethics.  

a. Explain why the fake interview violated the Christian religious view of ethics as discussed in your READ assignment. It is important to align your worldview claims to those expressed in the attached READ assignment.  Don’t go on a tangent with any other personal beliefs.

b. Which one of the other five perspectives on ethics (i.e., except religious) might someone use to justify the fake interview?  Which rationalization tactic would the person use with the view you selected?

(2)  Write an essay of a minimum of 1200 words, addressing the questions and prompts below. Your essay should demonstrate a clear understanding of the key terms and concepts from the READ and ATTEND assignments for this unit. You must organize your work using headings formatted in APA style. The research requirement is at least two scholarly journal articles, and the course textbook. Indicate your research through in-text citations and a list of references.

  • Write a brief summary of two to three issues of      strategic significance that Starbucks has encountered within the past 12      months. Sources used to respond to this prompt should be credible, but not      necessarily scholarly.
  • Review      what Starbucks states about ethical sourcing on its website.  Which      of the six perspectives on ethics discussed in Chapter 5 of the textbook      best describe Starbucks’ ethical sourcing commitment, and why?  Which      of the six perspectives are opposite of Starbucks’ ethical sourcing      commitment, and why?
  • Which      growth strategies has Starbucks used to become successful in its industry?
  • Should      Starbucks make changes to its corporate-level strategies during an      economic recession? Explain.


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