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VTU Sociology Three Evils in the US Essay

2. Midterm Essay Exam (25% course grade), October 30, 2021, 4:30PM. 3,000 words with questions based on topics 1-3 to be opened on Canvas 48 hours to the deadline.

Choose one of the following questions and write a scholarly essay type answer or answers:

Criminology Midterm Exam Questions (consider using subheadings for the sub-questions to help you to cover them all in the body of your essay).

  1. ‘Deviance and social control are here conceived as ritual social practices, material and imaginary “dramatizations” of ever-changing historical relationships between knowledge and power.’ Apply this conception of deviance and social control to the death penalty for drugs in parts of the world. What are the race-class-gender implications?
  2. Examine the claim of Martin Luther King Jr. that racism, war, and poverty (and sexism, by extension) are ‘the three evils’ in the US. How did a defendant in a case you know about try to present a ‘devil made me do it’ type of defense in court. Why is the demonic possession defense not more common in court?
  3. Compare and contrast the sociological development of eighteenth century legal theories of deviance as “rational hedonism” and nineteenth century notions of nonconformity as sickness. In critically examining these perspectives, compared each with modern regulation of pornographic world views that arose at essentially the same time during the enlightenment. What are the implications of such theories and policies for the modern organization of sex/gender, racial and economic institutions of social control?

There is no extension of the deadline for this assignment because the deadline is flexible and allows late submissions. . But in fairness to those who submit on time, late submissions will lose 5 points per every 24 hours of late submission. Try the best you can under the exam conditions and bear in mind that everyone is stressed out due to COVID-19 and other crises. if you miss the deadline for uploading your file, you can email your essay directly to me. Best wishes. Let’s Go Hokies!


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