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VU The Amazon Rainforest the Most Diverse Biomes on The Planet & Ocelots Discussion


You must also pick a specific location of the biome that you choose. Here are your choices:

Tropical Rainforest – Amazon, Congo, Indonesia

Desert – Southwestern United States, Sahara, Great Victorian (Australia), Gobi, Kalahari

Savanna – Serengeti, India/China, Southern Europe

Temperate Forest – Eastern United States, Northern Europe

Tundra – Northern Alaska/Canada, Siberia

Freshwater – Lake Baikal, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Superior, Lake Malawi, Great Bear Lake, Lake Victoria

Marine – Ocean (pick one), Coral Reefs (Red Sea Reef, Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, Florida Keys Reef, Great coral reef)

Estuaries (Chesapeake Bay, Narragansett Bay)

Your biome must contain

1) Each habitat must contain two animals.

2) Each habitat must contain at least 2 plant species



TASK 1) Each person will pick a particular biome and a specific place in the world where the biome you chose is located.


TASK 2) (70 pts) Write an individual paper including the following:

Paper must be typed and written in paper format, not in outline format.

A.Biome information:

1. The name of the biome

2. The specific location in the world

3. Average temperature/rainfall for the specific area of the world you have chosen

NOTE: The animals and plants you choose must come from the specific location of the biome you have chosen. If you picked Kalahari Desert than the animals and plants must be found in that specific desert.

B.Animal information (need all for both animals)

1.The phylum, class, order, family, genus, species of the animal

2.What specific characteristics (anatomy and/or physiology) of the phylum/class allow it to survive in this biome? Explain how each characteristic allows it to survive in the biome (Discuss at least two)

3. Two interesting facts about the animal.

4. Primary source(s) of food/energy

5. Reproductive strategies, including mating behaviors, courtship rituals, etc.

6. An image—picture, diagram—of the chosen species

7. Minimum one reference for each animal

C.Plant information (need all for each plant)

1.Name of plant – Common and Scientific

2.Characteristics of the plant that allow it to be successful in this particular biome

3.A description of how the plant co-exists and/or is related to the animals in your biome

4.An image/diagram of the plant

5.Minimum one reference for each plant.

D.Influence of climate change (at least one reference)

1.How has/will climate change influence your chosen biome (rainfall, temperature etc.)

2.How has/will climate change influence the two animals you have chosen for your biome.

3.How has/will climate change influence the two plants you have chosen for your biome

E. Cite ALL references (must have at least 5) used to acquire this information. Include citations within the text as well as on a separate page at the end of the paper.


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