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Walden University History of Law and Development of Modern Law Research Paper

The mini thesis  paper is a research or thesis paper on a topic of the student’s choice,  so long as it is related to the topic of the course (introduction to law  or legal analysis.) 

The paper must  be no fewer than 3,000 words and no more than 5,000 words. The word  count does not include the student’s name, the title, or footnote or  endnote references.

 Students may use their course materials, material acquired from research  at a law library or through LexisNexis, any material provided by the  school, etc. All situations and events described in the paper must be  assumed to take place or to have taken place in an English common law  jurisdiction in the United States. Any details that are part of an  actual lawsuit or legal dispute should not be included in the paper if  they are in any way considered confidential.

 The paper must be an original product of the student’s own scholarly  work. The sources of any non-original wording must be accurately  disclosed and properly referenced. Evidence of originality will be  wording that shows that a student is thinking about the legal issues  covered in the course, is sufficiently familiar with legal concepts and  doctrines of the subject, and is expressing his or her own thoughts and  ideas about the sources cited in the paper.

Topic Ideas for the Midterm Mini Thesis Paper

 Students may choose one of the topics below or come up with their own.

  1. Discuss the history of law and development of modern law. This might include an overview of the key terminology for the course.
  2.  Choose one or more legal topics, then research and discuss thoroughly.  History, application, important cases, etc. may be included. Students  may take advantage of this assignment to learn more about a topic of  particular interest, or to more fully understand a complex topic. Choose an important case to discuss. Include the history of the law  involved and how the case was significant to the field of law covered in  the course. Students should include their own opinions about the case  and may want to include prior cases which affected the case being  discussed, as well as subsequent cases which were affected. Be careful  to make this a thesis paper, not an expanded case brief. Note that since  no cases are assigned for this course, students may want to use this  assignment as an opportunity to discuss a favorite or current case.
  3.  Choose two or three cases and write a paper which compares or contrasts  them. As with the prior suggestion, students may cover the history of  the legal issues involved, their own opinions about the cases, and prior  and subsequent cases dealing with the same issues.
  4.  Write about legal analysis, legal research, or other lawyering skills  you have learned through your studies thus far. Present recommendations  or opinions from your course materials and comment upon or apply them in  illustrations.
  5.  Research and write about a justice, judge, or attorney who has made a mark in the field of law.
  6.  Write about the views that society has held and currently holds with  regard to the law, lawyers, the courts, etc. Consider why the views are  held and what causes shifts in these views.
  7.  Write about a current legal issue in the news. Review the positions of all sides and consider the laws which support each view.


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