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Walden University Nursing Regulations Discussion

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State Boards of nursing regulations are agencies that protect the public’s health by ensuring and regulating the safe nursing practice. The board’s regulations and requirements may differ from one state to another regarding the licensure and credentialing process. I will compare the differences between Minnesota’s and California’s Board of nursing regulations. Milstead and Short (2019) underline that the methods of professional credentialing include; licensure, registration, certification, and recognition.

In Minnesota, APRNs have full authority to dispense, administer, practice, and prescribe without physician collaboration (Minnesota Board of Nursing, 2021). In contrast, the California Board of Nursing provides regulations that require a nurse practitioner to execute duties under the authorization to perform overlapping medical duties. For example, the NPs have to collaborate with a physician and stick to the procedures developed through collaboration among the health professionals who oversee the NPs practice and quality of care. Notably, 39.7% of NPs are always involved in developing standardized procedures, while almost 8% never voice their views (California Board of Registered Nurses, 2021). In addition, the NPs must acquire additional certification from the BRN to prescribe drugs under standardized procedures developed with the supervising physician.

In both the states of California and Minnesota, APRNs must be licensed as a registered nurses. Also, in both states, the APRN must not hold an encumbered RN license in a different state. To receive an APRN licensure in Minnesota, one must have completed a graduate-level APRN program from a recognized nursing accrediting body. In addition, both states require that education is in one of the four roles: clinical nurse specialist, Nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, or registered nurse anesthetist. Further, the body notes that the nurse must complete a program that includes at least one graduate-level course in advanced physiology and pathophysiology, advanced health assessment, and pharmacokinetics and pharmacotherapeutics.

The scope of practice in California that requires nurses to deliver duties under the supervision of physicians may result in some implications in a nurse’s experience and education. For example, these nurses will readily be aware of the required educational achievement necessary to receive the title of an APRN. In terms of experience, states where NPs have full practice authority, have a large supply of NPs; in this case, Minnesota would have a larger supply than California. In addition, NPs in states where RNs have full prescribing authority are likely to practice in primary care and Medicaid patients (California Board of Nursing, 2021).

APRNs can adhere to educational regulations by ensuring they have met requirements such as completing graduate level in APRN or attaining at least one graduate-level course. In terms of scope of practice and licensure, APRNs can keep in terms of the professional duties expected to undertake; this may vary from state to state. Therefore, nurses can practice to the full extent of their expertise and education (ANA, 2021).

Though the common goal of the board of nursing in all the states is to ensure optimal performance of nurses and safe nursing practice, regulations may vary from one state to the other. Minnesota and California have been used as a study case above to affirm these differences and similarities.


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