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Walden University Patient Satisfaction Scores Discussion

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Patient satisfaction scores are crucial to the overall patient experience on the unit and drive the hospital’s metrics. Most facilities thrive on maintaining high patient satisfaction scores, and many factors can affect negative scores. Patient satisfaction has evolved to be critical and used to measure patients’ overall quality of care (Yoder-Wise, P. S. (2019). The strategies used on the nursing unit were not effective based upon the scores remaining in the 70s. Nursing managers will need to focus on the areas that score low and assist with adapting quality improvement activities to increase patient satisfaction surveys. Once areas that score low are addressed, staff can focus on areas to provide better care. The unit will create necessary changes to ensure patient satisfaction scores and increases for the next quarter. The run chart provides anticipating capability and knowledge for the provider and patient (Perla, R. J., Provost, L. P., & Murray, S. K. (2011).

The run chart supports the nursing unit’s decision to be proud of the increase in patient satisfaction scores. Leadership must be conscious and prepare to make necessary changes to care if needed based on the responses in the patient satisfaction survey. Trends can shift unexpectedly in inpatient care, and providers will need to stay on top of patients’ individual needs to succeed.

The unit successfully measured the population of patients and patient participation, which was decreased within the geriatric population unit. The need for a greater patient response was noticed in older patients. The performance improvement tools will provide specific questions for patients to rate the overall experience of patient care with the provider and the overall score of care provided. Each tool will provide a relative outcome of the patient’s perspective and provide staff with the tools needed to improve patient care.


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