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Week 7 Alternative Spaces San Francisco Arts Commission Art Place Essay

Professor’s requirement: During WEEK 7 we are going to discuss different opportunities for artists and I am asking you to do some research to present for us. I’ll write your name next to TWO opportunities listed below and I’d like you to go to their website and find out more information about them, and be prepared to share with us what you find, as well as any questions you have. You will give a (brief) presentation about your assigned opportunities during class, while we look at their websites

Info to find out:

  • Give us a general overview: What kind of art space or opportunity is this? What kind of artist would be good for this? Tell us why we should know about this space.
  • Find two interesting things to specifically share with us about this space: a specific program, grant opportunity, curatorial focus, event series, or something that stands out to you that we should know about.
  • Share with us ONE OTHER RESOURCE that is not on this list. This could be something you are already familiar with. (avoid the art place in San Francisco, because the list professor gives is all San Francisco’s art place)

We’ll discuss them in class one by one. Come ready to take notes and bring your questions about how you can access these opportunities!

Two places Alternative Spaces: San Francisco Arts Commission

Residencies: Recology Artist in Residence Program, San Francisco

My additional explanation: So this is just a brief presentation, not a essay, very very easy, no need to worry about plagiarism, just do research, copy and paste and write a presentation for me and I’ll read it in class. So Please please use a casual speaking way to write, no need of advance grammar, write as you talk. Also please provide as much information as possible, in other words, answer all the professor’s questions I listed above:)


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