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West Chester University American Families Plan

Discussion Post –Watch Documentary – Sick Around the World.…

  • Which of the 5 health care systems reviewed in the documentary do you prefer and why? What can the US learn from the different health care systems?


Assignment 2

Health policy Memo

The Affordable Care Act was implemented by the Obama Administration to reform the US health care policy. The Biden Administration has decided to keep the ACA and is building upon this policy with funding under the recent $1.8 Trillion president’s American Families Act. The $1.8 Trillion president’s American Families Act is up for a vote in Congress, write a memo to a congress person/senator, providing policy advice on how he/she should vote on this issue (i.e., voting to keep or scrap the ACA). Your analysis of the topic should be based on any of the different policy criteria. For instance, your analysis could be based on an ethical/economic or efficiency/feasibility perspective.

You should assume that this individual has little, if any, background in health and health care. This memo should provide ample evidence from peer reviewed literature and other credible resources to support the policy advice you are providing. your position on this issue and should be supported with ample evidence from the literature.

The idea behind this assignment is to develop critical thinking and writing skills – being concise and straight to the point. Memos are not reflection papers; your memo should be supported with evidence from peer reviewed research articles, text books or from the CDC website etc. Please DO NOT include direct quotes in your memo. Paraphrase the relevant information from the resources you are citing. Citations and references SHOULD be provided for all resources you use. Each memo will be a ONE-page, single spaced response

Use memo format provided below.

To: Congressperson/Senator ———–


Regarding: (What is the topic/what is the vote about)

I. Introduction

The vote is on (name of bill, topic of bill) and I recommend … (Introduce the health issue and your recommendation on how the recipient of the memo should vote i.e., against or for the health policy. The issue here is the uninsured in the US and its implications, and whether the ACA is the best policy to address this issue based on any of the different policy criteria)

II. Background

Keep it brief and explain the issue /why this is an issue – Here is where you provide evidence from the literature showing why this is a problem.

III. Pros and Cons: Your Key Finding(s) one the policy option

Arguments for or against the policy options to address the issue. These arguments should be based on the evidence you obtained from the literature, not what you think.

IV. Recommendation

Based on these factors, I recommend … You should reiterate important points here and explain the reason for your recommendations.


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