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West Coast University Transactional and Transformational Leadership Discussion

original: Compare and contrast transactional leadership and transformational leadership and discuss the effectiveness of each method in the field of nursing. Provide clear examples.

Be sure to apply concepts from the readings and research. You must cite (with reference) at least one source: your textbook, scholarly resources, or ATI textbook in current APA Style.

Vaneh: student 1

Transactional leadership:
Primarily based on processes and control, and requires a strict management structure.

  • Replace the wants of a leader for the wants of a follower
  • Emphasize development in setting goals, directing them and striving to control outcomes
  • Can make important decisions
  • Have a strong personality

Transformational leadership:

Focuses on inspiring others to follow, and it requires a high degree of coordination, communication and cooperation.

  • Idealized influence: Leaders hold, share and demonstrate core values and trust.
  • Inspirational motivation: Leaders motivate workers by conveying confidence and a sense of purpose.
  • Individualized consideration: Leaders are concerned with people’s feelings and needs.
  • Intellectual stimulation: Leaders provide opportunities for creativity and innovation and allow people to learn, grow and try new things.

Transformational vs. Transactional Leadership. (n.d.).

Zoey: student 2

Transactional leadership is an environment in which the boss or superior makes all decisions leaving employees to have no say (Yoder-Wise,2019). A leader in this type of environment would reward employees for good work ethics and punish those with bad performance. This type of leadership is seen in health-care organizations. An example of transactional leadership being used in nursing would be a nurse being punished for having several medication errors. Having transactional leadership is effective in nursing because it clearly defines the expectationsof a nurses role.

In contrast transformational leadership encourages employees to engage and communicate their own beliefs in order to change the framework of how the company achieves their vision (Yoder-Wise,2019). This type of leader provides a listening environment that allows for employers to discuss, removal barriers and advocate for patient needs. They also provide motivation for followers to become leaders and allow the change that is needed to transform organizations (Yoder-Wise, 2019). An example of transformational leadership in a nursing setting would be the goal of increasing patient satisfaction while staying in the hospital (Amanda Bucceri Androus, 2021). The leader would collaborate with employees and patients in order to create and reach the goal of increasing patient satisfaction while staying in the hospital. Transformational leadership is effective in nursing because it allows for employees to feel valued for their work and in turn provides the hospital and patients with better outcomes.

Amanda Bucceri Androus, R. N. (2021, June 1). What is a transformational nurse leader? What Is a Transformational Nurse Leader? || (Links to an external site.).

Yoder-Wise, P. S. (2019). Leading and managing in nursing (7th ed.). Mosby.


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