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West Virginia University ECOCAR About Capstone Design Report

Hi, I am taking a course that explains to us about our capstone project for graduating. I have decided to pick “EcoCar” capstone project. I have tried to attach a video about ecocar capstone but the file is too big.

The goal of this report is to focus specifically on one of the capstone options. It should address the following points:

  1. Selection of Capstone Theme
    Which one of the capstone themes are you planning on pursuing (i.e., Gerontech, Ecocar, URC, research-option, student-proposed project)?
    Provide some background about the theme (e.g., a written summary of the lecture devoted to this theme or what you have been able to find out about it).
    Why did you pick this theme (what about it appeals to you)?
  2. Specific Project or Subteam
    Within the context of the theme, which specific project do you plan on pursuing or which subteam will you be on?
    If you will be working on a project (or proposing your own), provide some technical details about it.
    Alternatively, if you are in a subteam (Ecocar, URC), give some details about the subteam you will be on.
    What resources (equipment, supplies, knowledge, budget) will you need to succeed?
  3. Your Role
    What do you anticipate your role will be in the project or team? What strenghts will you bring.
    If you will be working with others, what complementary strengths would help to build your team.
    How will you prepare for the project (e.g., any additional skills you need to acquire)?
  4. Ethical Issues
    Comment on the ethical issues surrounding your project, if any (or if there are not many ethical issues, explain why).

A few details and comments:

  • The length of the report should be 1200 to 2800 words.
  • While your report should address all the questions above that apply, you don’t have to write out the questions themselves. In some cases, the question will not apply to your project, but when that is the case you should state why.
  • The report is not a commitment. You will be free to change your topic, team, subteam, etc. up until the start of CSEE 480. The goal of the exercise is to make you think about what a project would be like with you working on it.
  • You should include a few references that are related to your project. Cite them using the IEEE format (similar to the library project).
  • You are encouraged to include figures and diagrams, too.


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