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What Are the Arguments in Defense of The Individuals Right to Suicide Discussion Questions

Please watch Mark Berkson’s (2016) Suicide Examined at  Your Responses to the questions below are due by 6pm on Sunday 5 September.  Keep track of the Word Limits for each part of the Assignment below.  Do NOT use lengthy introductions (they are NOT needed)!  Directly address the Questions.  Base your Responses ONLY on the film.  Do NOT write long sentences.  Check for Typographical Errors.  Be sure to be direct, focused, and connected in responding. TYPE YOUR RESPONSE DIRECTLY INTO THE MESSAGE-BOX ON BLACKBOARD.

In the Film (Suicide Examined), Mark Berkson presents different perspectives on suicide.

1. What are the arguments in defense of the individual’s right to suicide? Who makes these arguments (in the film) defending the right to suicide?  What arguments are made (in the film) against suicide?  Who makes these arguments against suicide?  Construct one Paragraph of around 300 words to address this question based on the film.

2. Berkson presents Albert Camus’ perspective on the individual in relation to the world in which she lives.  Camus was a Nobel Prize laureate in Literature.  He was also an atheist (one who does not believe in God or in organized religion).

(i) Camus states that human beings feel themselves as ‘aliens’ or ‘strangers’ “in a universe divested of illusion”.  What illusion do you think Camus may be referring to? Why would a world without this illusion make the individual feel like a stranger or an alien in this world? Construct one Paragraph using 150 -200 words as response.

(ii) Camus states that ‘life will be lived all the better if it has no meaning’. What does Camus mean by this?  Why does he say this?  Camus was a great writer and thinker who was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature!  From the film alone it is possible to understand why Camus would make this claim. Construct one Paragraph of 150-200 words as response.

NOTE-1:  Please type your response directly into the Blackboard Message Box.  Please do NOT copy and paste from a Google-doc onto Blackboard.  Do NOT attach any document.  If you copy and paste using a MS-Word, it is your responsibility to ensure that your document does NOT spill beyond the bounds of the Blackboard space or becomes one long line in the Message Box.  I will NOT read or grade your response if it becomes difficult for me to read because you do not follow my instructions!

NOTE-2:  Please respond as directly as possible to the questions.  Always keep in mind the word-limit.  Write short and consistent sentences (do not contradict yourself).  Let the sentences connect (relate) with each other. Please note that sentence-structural errors or awkwardly constructed sentences are a strong disincentive for the reader.  Write clearly, directly, and check your sentences for typographical errors.  Your Grade depends upon following these instructions closely.


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