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WHS The Development of The Industrial United States Era Research

First and Second Industrial
Revolutions of the United States of America. This era saw the birth of
all manner of invention thanks to bright, forward-thinking American
minds. In this project, you will take a step into some of these very
minds, using your imagination and what you have learned in this lesson
to create a video presentation about the various characters you have
learned about in this Unit. They are as follows:

  • A Railroad Worker. This can be either someone who helped build the railroad, or someone who is working on a currently used railroad.
  • A Political Figure. This should be someone who supports the industry.
  • A Female Inventor. This should be a female inventor from the Industrial Era.
  • A Child Laborer. This should be a child who is working in a factory during the Industrial Era.
  • A Progressive Activist. This should be someone from the Industrial Era involved in social activism and political reform.
  1. You will pick 2 characters from above and create a
    presentation describing each in detail and also answering the following

    • Identify the two characters that you have chosen to
    • Introduce each character
    • Explain what your character does
    • Compare and Contrast the two characters you have picked about
      how their lives, thoughts, and circumstances are similar and different
    • You may at any time include thoughts you think one character might
      have on the other character’s situation, for example, a Progressive
      Activist may feel very strongly about saving the Child Laborer from
      their horrible work.

This is a creative thinking assignment, so remember: Be creative!

If you use any images taken from the Internet, please remember to
include where you found them in your Works Cited page and at the end of
your video presentation.

For each character, you must use at least one credible outside
resource other than your textbook in your research of the character to
develop your knowledge of their experiences and use in your writing.
This means you should have at least 2 Works Cited entries other than
your textbook, not counting citations for image use. Dont forget to have a Work Cited Page.


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