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Why Every Language is Unique Persuasive Essay

you will be creating a persuasive text of your own where you attempt to persuade your classmates of something (anything at all – silly or serious, trite or controversial – please don’t try to offend, however – consider your audience!). I am using the term “text” very broadly – it can be a written text (a letter to the editor of Flyer news, a blog post, etc.) or something that is visual/multimodal (a commercial, a youtube video, flier/poster, website, etc.). This text should be persuasive and, if you want, could even incorporate tools of propaganda (i.e. – you are welcome to create your own little piece of propaganda). 

you will write an analysis/explanation of the persuasive tools you used in your text. This gives you the opportunity to describe how the text is working to achieve its purpose, to explain the rhetorical, linguistic, and visual tools you incorporated to connect with and appeal to your audience, and explain why you think it is n effective persuasive text in this context. 

There are no word/page guidelines on the persuasive/propaganda pieces – they will vary according to media type, goals, and needs of the project. The explanation/analysis that accompanies the text should be 3-4 pages long, times new roman, 12-point font, etc.In your analysis/explanation you should:

1. Briefly summarize and explain the text and the rhetorical situation of the text by describing the main purpose/argument of the text as well as the type of text, the target audience, the author, and the purpose.

2. Identify and explain how you used rhetorical, linguistic, and/or visual strategies to appeal to the audience and persuade your reader/viewer/listener. Use evidence and examples from the text to show how you used these strategies, and discuss how they are working to persuade. 

3. Discuss what parts of the text you think are particularly effective in persuading and what parts you would have liked to improve/expand on. 

4- Don’t use external sources, you need to get the writing from the the persuasive tool (POSTER+ READING FROM THE BOOK). 


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