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Wilfrid Laurier University Some Aspects of Inuit Vocal Games Ethnomusicology Discussion

I’m working on a music writing question and need guidance to help me study.

There are two questions. one for individual(150 words) and one for group(total for 500 words, there are 5 people in my group, so I just need to do 100 words)

Individual:(150 words. I just have the picture for the activity 2.6, and don’t have CD, so plz just write something as your understanding. it’s a primary course, so professional answer is not required, Thanks!)

Another important aspect of Inuit musical traditions is the use of music as a game. The most well known aspect of this way of making music is Inuit throat games, or Inuit throat singing. Many of these musical games imitate the soundscape of the north and are open to the interpretation of the listener. In trying to transcribe these songs then, it is a useful exercise to try to do so by creating a visual representation.

Do activity 2.6 on page 47 of your Native American Music textbook.

Describe what you learned from doing this activity and how it relates to your understandings of music.

Group:(100 words)

As a group, discuss your impressions of the music you have explored on the Tuhaalruuqtut Ancestral Sounds website or on the internet. Remember that new sounds can sometimes be confusing and challenging. Still, try to avoid ‘judging’ the music you hear based on your own values and preferences. Instead, use the tools we have learned to talk about why this type of musical practice is challenging to you. In your posting this week, please refrain from using inappropriate terminology such as ‘harsh’, ‘noise’ ‘primitive’ which could be considered racist. Also, this posting should not focus on whether or not you ‘liked’ or ‘enjoyed’ the music. Your musical preferences are not the purpose of this exercise. The purpose of this exercise if for you to learn how to talk about musics that are not your preference, or that are from a different culture, in an informed and respectful manner.


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