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WR 121 UOFM The White Savior Industrial Complex Analysis

Reading Analysis 2: approx. 500 words, MLA format (Word , MLA format)

This assignment is a formal analysis of the reading from week 6 that you completed and presented to your Writing Circle (Whitty, Horning, or Cole).

In short essay form, your analysis should begin with a very brief summary of the main thesis or argumentative claim, then a brief section exploring what you think are the most significant points of the discussion. Use the reading analysis worksheet that you completed this week as the foundation and material for this assignment, where you transform your answers to the reading questions into cohesive paragraphs following the structure of the worksheet.

Please also begin to consider questions at issue that arise from your encounter with the chosen essay—what are some of the ways that the author’s argument might be counterargued? What are some of the underlying assumptions of the author’s claim and how might they work to shape or respond to the given discourse community? In other words, does the claim seem radical or controversial? Or is it, rather, a conventional or predictable claim? What does the author’s claim and evidence suggest about the underlying assumptions held by that discourse community more broadly in regard to the topic or area under examination? What other questions arise for you?

Reading :

  • Whitty, Julia. “All the Disappearing Islands.” Globalization: A Reader for Writers. Ed. Maria Jerskey. New York: Oxford UP, 2014. 62-74. [Identity + Place]
  • Cole, Teju. “The White Savior Industrial Complex.” Globalization: A Reader for Writers. Ed. Maria Jerskey. New York: Oxford UP, 2014. 210-218. [Communication + Tech.]
  • Horning, Rob. “The Accidental Bricoleurs.” Globalization: A Reader for Writers. Ed. Maria Jerskey. New York: Oxford UP, 2014. 229-239. [Communication + Tech.]

*Note: this is not an argumentative essay. It is an analytic essay where you explain someone else’s argument and how it works.

Criteria for completion:

  • Addresses the questions from the Reading Analysis Worksheet
  • Explains in student’s own words what the author is arguing
  • Analyzes in student’s own words how the author makes the argument
  • Attention to paragraph structure, form, cohesion
  • Proper length (500 words), formatting (MLA), and submission file type (docx/pdf)


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