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WR 39C University of California Wk 1 Writing Skills Self Assessment Essay

Guiding Prompts: You do not need to address all of the following prompts and questions, select the ones you find most interesting/useful.

Your Writing Process

  • How would you characterize your current relationship to writing? Who or what event, experience, person, etc., caused or contributed to your sense of yourself as a writer? Feel free to point out negatives and/or positives, but always be specific. Consider, for example, what you took away from WR39B (or an equivalent freshman composition course/AP English class) that you feel will help you most in this course and why.
  • Describe the central strategies of your writing process. When and how did you learn them? How have they changed over time and what experiences have been most influential to you? How do you expect to use them in WR39C? Explain and use examples.
  • Where do you think you need the most improvement? Use examples from past writing and communication projects. How would you like to evolve as a writer and researcher? What goals have you set for yourself in this class?  

WR 39C & You

  • What have you heard about this course and what do you expect to find as a result? Do you have any anxieties about this course so far? What are they? Do you feel adequately prepared for this course? Why or why not? What about your past or current experiences contributes to this feeling? 
  • How have your experiences in your writing classes at UCI influenced your personal history as a writer in academic contexts? Have you applied what you learned in the WR 39 series to writing assignments in other classes? Have other classes and assignments influenced your writing process; if so, which ones? Please explain using specific examples.
  • In addition to rhetoric, this course focuses on research. What current practices and habits of researching, arguing, writing, thinking, communicating and organizing can you articulate about yourself? Be specific. And honest. (E.g., “My ‘habits’ of researching involve Google and only Google; that is to say, I have no strategy.”) 


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