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based on the reading you chose , and using what you’ve learned this week about evaluating arguments, write a 2 – 3 page short essay in which you discuss the Declaration of Independence.\

The essay must be at least 2 full pages, down to the bottom of the page – if in doubt, write more, onto that 3 rd page!*

Revise your rough draft per the tutoring feedback that you received.

Proofread the final version of your essay.

Submit the final, revised version of your essay in Canvas.

Follow the prompts below:

-What is the text’s main premise (claim) of the argument made in the document?

-Are there any unstated premises in the document?

-Is the argument made objectively or subjectively – and how do you know? (Back up your idea with support/examples from the document.)

-Give examples of the type of reasoning was used: deductive, inductive, a bit of both…?

-Where were pathos and/or, ethos, and/or logos used? Point out examples (there may be one, two, or all three, depending on which document you choose to analyze).

-A number of rhetorical devices are discussed Chapters 1, 2, and 3. Discuss some of the particular rhetorical devices that you find in the document. Were they effective? Why or why not?

-Were there any conclusion indicators in the document? If so, where?

-Is the main premise and argument to be sound? Valid? Why or why not?

-Include opposing view and refutation

-Include a paragraph in which you present opposition and refute it – use opposition wording and refutation wording – for example:

-Opposition wording: Some may argue that the Communist Manifesto is purely objective in its treatment of (etc.)…

-Refutation wording: While this may be true concerning the XXX, the XXX shows that… (OR) However, some overlook the (etc.)…