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Written assignment:

Fact sheet revised

Make final changes to your fact sheet.


    1. Open MS Word, select a blank document (do not use a template!) or use the draft version of your fact sheet.
    2. The top of the page should contain your name and the title of your fact sheet, and the short summary about why you are interested in this topic.
    3. Reformat the facts from the 10 sources into a reader-friendly information sheet to share your researched information. Add images, bullets, tables, columns, etc.

    • For example, notice whether the sample versions:
      • have paragraphs or bullets?
      • contain a table or an image?
      • use headings and sub-headings?
      • use columns or text boxes?

    4. Single-space the document as appropriate. Check the Paragraph menu for Before & After spacing, and Line spacing:


    5. Format the fact sheet using the assigned reading chapters as indicated below. Do not include a summary or cite sources on the fact sheet.
    6. Here are some tips on revising your one-page, single-spaced fact sheet: