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Writing David Sedaris Undecided Essay

Final Essay Prompt:  David Sedaris’ “Undecided”:  Agree or Disagree?

Assignment:  Please read the class handout “Undecided” by David Sedaris.  When you’re finished, you will need to write an essay wherein you will:

  • Identify the author’s main argument and at least two (2) key supporting points.
  • Then either agree or disagree with the author’s point and support your position with specific examples drawn from your own experiences and/or observations.

Procedure:  This is an argumentative essay, so with that in mind, please stick to the following organization when writing this essay:

  1. Intro Paragraph – Introduce the topic (Sedaris’ article), provide some context (what the article is about), and end with your thesis statement that specifically states whether you agree or disagree with Sedaris and why.
  2. Body Paragraph 1 – Identify Sedaris’ main point and no less than two (2) key supporting points he makes in the article.
  3. Body Paragraph 2 – Agree or disagree with Sedaris, giving one specific reason why.
  4. Body Paragraph 3 – Agree or disagree (obviously if you agreed with him in the previous paragraph, then you’ll agree with him in this paragraph) with Sedaris, giving one specific reason why.
  5. Conclusion – Follow the standard method of writing a conclusion ending with a final thought on the subject matter.

The successful paper will do the following:

  • Focus on the topic provided with adequate examples/examination of this topic
  • Provide evidence (quotes) that demonstrate the theme/topic you’re analyzing
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, reading, and writing skills by making sound claims and supporting them with evidence in an organized and logical manner
  • Include a well-defined thesis statement in the introduction
  • Have well organized body paragraphs that stick to the structure discussed in class (Topic Statement, Context, Evidence, Analysis, and Transition)
  • Come to a conclusion that moves beyond summary

Please Do NOT:

  • Pose any rhetorical questions (there should be no question marks in this essay unless part of a direct quote).
  • Use quotes that are longer than 4 lines – No Block Quotes Please.


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