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Writing Significant Memories Vacation to Down Under Narrative Essay

ssay #2: NarrativeAssignment:In this essay, your goal is to recall a significant memory of an experience that taught you something about yourself, about life, or about the world around you. The key word here is “significant:” the experience that you recall should have changed you or your worldview in some way. By the end of the essay, you want readers to understand the message or life lesson that you learned from your experience.Keep in mind that writing narrative essays can often become an emotional experience for students. Make sure to pick a topic that you are comfortable writing. If the experience you choose is too emotionally jarring, you might want to pick something that is—mentally and emotionally—easier for you to write about. Writing Goals: 1. To improve your “show, don’t tell” skills—In other words, to work on your ability to carefully select the most relevant details to include in your story;2. To organize your essay in an appropriate sequence, so that it follows a strict chronology that includes a beginning, a middle, and an end;3. To make clear for your reader the “so what?”–in other words, to create an objective or a main idea that is clear to the reader.Key Elements of an Effective Narrative Essay?Big-Picture Focus and Message: The essay should be focused on a single story or event and have a larger message to which most people can relate.?Organization: The organization of this essay is flexible; however, stories are usually told chronologically. Movement through time and space should be clear, as well. Your essay should be divided into paragraphs, and the order of your paragraphs should make sense to your reader. The sentences within each paragraph should flow smoothly.?Detail, Development: Your essay should use specific descriptions (e.g., sights and sounds, dialogue, reflections and observations) to allow your reader to understand and picture your focus clearly.


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