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WRT 102 Pima Community College An Upheaval by Anton Pavlovich Questions

Please answer the Contextual Research questions and Outline and Annotated Bibliography for the “Contextual Research essay” for writing 102 online class. The contextual research essay is a paper that incorporates support from that research, along with your own insights and ideas. The major elements of this assignment include research, documenting sources, and incorporating sources in the research essay. Choose one story and please answer contextual Research questions and Outline Annotated Bibliography. I will also provide the story of the assignment at the end.

*This essay is to explain the meaning of the story with the help of its context. That the purpose of your research is to illuminate the story. If you need an example of a “contextual Research essay” I can send them to you.

Contextual Research Questions: (Write at least 250 words)

1) What are the titles and authors of stories you’re comparing (or the title and author of one story if you’re comparing elements within one story)?

2) Why did you choose these stories?

3) What are the themes of these stories? Write the themes as complete sentences.

4) What do you plan to compare? Write a draft thesis statement.

5) Write an outline for your essay.

Outline and Annotated Bibliography: (Write at least 250 words)

Part One: Write an outline for your paper, or, if you’re the type of writer who needs to create the outline after a draft of the paper is written, then write a detailed letter to your instructor or classmates describing your paper. Please copy and paste it here.

The outline or letter should include the following points:

  1. What is the main message of your paper (or thesis sentence)?
  2. What supporting points will you be bringing up?
  3. What are your strongest sources, and where will you be incorporating support from them?
  4. What ideas do you have for an interesting introduction and an effective conclusion?


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