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WU Epidemiology Positive Result for Tuberculosis Presentation


Your PowerPoint presentation should include 12 slides and should have audio narration which further explains the information on the slides. Include the following in your presentation:

  • Slide 1: Title slide
    • This slide does not require audio narration.
  • Slide 2: Scenario slide
    • Include the following scenario on your slide and explain in your audio narration the concerns present in the scenario.
    • Pat, a 37-year old, single mother of three, is a preschool teacher in a suburban area. She recently complained of pains in her chest and a persistent cough, which resulted in her coughing up blood earlier today. She decided to go to the emergency room in her local hospital to get checked out. Vivek is the ER nurse who processed Pat’s intake and took a sputum culture to be tested. Laboratory results confirm infection with tuberculosis. Concerned about Pat’s positive test result, Vivek decided to re-interview Pat and determined that she recently returned from a mission trip to poverty-stricken areas of Jharkhand, India.
  • Slide 3–4: Epidemiology
    • Based on this scenario, use the epidemiological triangle, the web of causality, and/or the ecological model to examine Pat’s infection with TB. Include in your response the elements of the epidemiological triangle (host, agent, and environment).
    • In your audio narration, explain the graphic or graphics you chose to present.
  • Slide 5: Global Implications
    • Analyze the impact of increasing global travel and spread of information on the field of epidemiology. Be sure to include global health data to support your explanation.
    • Include audio narration to further explain the impact.
  • Slide 6: Health Data
    • Explain the importance of accurate and valid health data and select one health problem to focus on.
    • NOTE: For this Assessment, you are to identify a health problem or behavior and not an infectious disease or specific diagnosis (Some examples of health problems or behaviors: smoking, obesity, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, or mental illness).
    • In your audio narration, further explain the importance of health data.
  • Slide 7: Sources of Data
    • Identify two sources of data that you might access to research your health problem or behavior in your community.
    • In your audio narration, explain why you would use these two sources of data, including the type of data you are likely to find with each source.
  • Slide 8: Incidence and Prevalence
    • Describe the incidence and prevalence of the health problem or behavior in your community based on the sources of data you identified.
    • In your audio narration, explain the difference between incidence and prevalence.
  • Slide 9: Levels of Prevention
    • Describe the levels of prevention as they relate to nursing practice for the health problem or behavior you selected in your community.
    • In your audio narration, explain the levels of prevention and why you should think about all levels as a nurse leader.
  • Slide 10: Upstream Thinking
    • Explain how you might integrate upstream thinking into your nursing practice to address the health problem or behavior you selected in your community.
    • In your audio narration, explain what it means to “think upstream.”
  • Slide 11: Advocacy
    • Explain how the determinants of health help contribute to patient advocacy by nurses and healthcare professionals in relation to the health problem or behavior selected and in relation to your community.
    • In your audio narration, explain the importance of understanding determinants of health.
  • Slide 12: References
    • This slide does not require audio narration.


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