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WU Era of Information and Technology Discussion

I need a response to the post below:

Scholarly writing is one of the required components of many graduate-level programs. It uses objective evidence-based information intended for a target audience (Laureate Education, Inc., 2018). The peer-reviewed article that I selected was the “Current Status of Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Therapeutics, and Vaccines for Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)” (Ahn et al., 2020). The Coronavirus remains a current and relevant global pandemic that affects not just the nursing/healthcare profession but millions of people worldwide. The article I found provided a good flow of information and a conclusion gathered from factual data findings on the improved and ongoing management of Covid-19.

I had an easy experience navigating through the Walden Library website while searching for my peer-reviewed article. I will highly recommend this search tool as a helpful resource to my colleagues. The Walden library serves as a one-stop shop that provides many valuable resources to help students succeed with their search. Therefore, obtaining library research skills is essential for a student’s success at Walden University (Walden University Library, n.d.).

The Walden Library database provides many resources that allow students to conduct literature searches effectively and efficiently through their user-friendly and innovative tutorial provided on the Walden library website (Walden University, n.d.). The only potential issue that I encountered was narrowing my search to fit a more specific topic. When searching a generalized or broad topic, additional selections help the user narrow the search to a more specific topic. Using the A-Z nursing database offered many options; however, the tools that I found to be the most helpful for me were CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature) and Medline combined search. My experience while searching my evidence-based journal/article topic was very effective and efficient. It didn’t require much time browsing before finding the scholarly article.


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