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WU Healthcare Facilities Cannot Be Ignored Discussion

I just need a paragraph response to the post below:

The collaboration discussion that I participated in to determine measures in my practice to prevent falls focused on key indicators of falls and how falls can be prevented by collecting data to show when falls occurred and factors that impact measurement. Currently, falls have increased within the last quarter on inpatient units at my facility. Falls are measured by collecting data monthly to show the number of falls that occur per unit. The data shows the percentages of falls throughout the year, which provided an overall review of how process improvement opportunities work.

Self-care and educating patients on using the call light, and preventing clutter in the room, and using the bathroom before going to sleep can prevent the risk of falls. My facility observes the key indicators of the times most falls occurred and the rounding of patients and patient teaching on fall prevention. The critical responsibility of the development of safety quality indicators in the tracking of safekeeping protection, to deliver a greater understanding of the procedures, observation of weaknesses, and managing correctional measures necessary for the advancement of quality care (Midori Sakai, A., Rossaneis, M. Â., Fernandez Lourenço Haddad, M. do C., & Willamowius Vituri, D. (2016).

The challenges of obtaining the data were minimal. Nursing leadership holds monthly quality committee meetings to discuss safety measures and present data. Gaps in the data involved more fell during the nighttime when the lighting was dimmer and less rounding was completed. Additional sources that could be relevant to data involve patient health history of previous falls and prescribed medication that can affect mobility. Fall prevention is a major safety factor that affects many healthcare facilities. Process improvement goals are a key to improving patient safety to prevent adverse incidents. Performance expectations are number estimates or outcomes desired during an amount of time and can be set to certain percentages depending on facility metrics and standards of care (Spath, P. (2018).


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