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WU Mobile and Pervasive Technology Society Essay

The digital divide is the term used to describe the gap between people and communities that have access to information and communication technology (ICT) and those that do not. Ethicists worry about disadvantaging the socioeconomic groups that do not have ICT. Because even fewer people have access to connected mobile technology, the divide widens even further. Those who have this technology can use it anytime, anywhere, with the advantage of additional application. People who instead rely on nonmobile computers at home, in Internet cafes, or libraries can access this technology only at limited times or locations. Keep in mind that many of the mobile handsets popular throughout the world do not have browsers and cannot access the Internet, as we may be accustomed to.

The mobile digital divide allows an elite portion of the population to access information and influence opinions and events at will. Many people have only limited or no such opportunities and may be partly or wholly detached from the exchange of information and the opportunity to have their voices heard. It is equally true that they are free of the endless demands of social networking, work-related communication, continual downloads from the many applications built into mobile devices, and influences and communications from others whose intentions may not always be good or honest.

For this Assignment, you will examine the mobile digital divide.

Review the resources included in the Explore section

Submit a 4- to 5-page written report that includes the following:

Explore at least three major advantages to individuals or social groups of mobile or pervasive technology and their potential consequences.

Explore at least three major disadvantages to individuals or social groups of mobile and pervasive technology and their potential consequences.

Describe the most important social and ethical effects of the mobile digital divide. Explain using detailed examples.

Offer a strategy to narrow the mobile digital divide either in your country or internationally. Show how predicted advances in mobile technology affect your strategy.


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