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WU Nurses & Healthcare Providers Have More Responsibilities Discussion

I need a paragraph answer to the post below:

The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set, also known as (HEDIS) is a comprehensive measurement tool used to track patients. According to Spath (2013), HEDIS can be used to track diabetic patients ranging between the ages of 18 to 75 years old (p. 65). HEDIS could benefit this small practice since it would initiate a system to help track and improve care to their diabetic clients. However, it would be a very time-consuming and painstaking task, especially since all their current records are kept manually without any electronic health record.

As a lead nurse, I would enlist the help of all office staff and delegate to first sort out the patient’s charts by separating them based on which provider they see. I would then track which patients have diabetes based on the history of diabetic-related lab tests previously ordered. For example, we would search which patient’s charts have labs ordered for hemoglobin A1C, podiatric appointments, CBG or glucose tolerance test, eye exams to help identify diabetic patient’s charts.

Healthcare workers are challenged now more than ever to be more efficient in learning from and utilizing data management to improve their services and the level and quality of care provided (Perla, Provost, and Murray, 2011). Upon complete reorganization of patient data, the staff will ensure that all the diabetic patients comply with care and treatment plans through adequate patient teaching and access to other educational resources.

Although there will be an overwhelming amount of labor-intensive manual tasks involved in tracking all the diabetic patients within the practice, it will also greatly benefit both the patients and the practice. They would have established a data system that will improve the efficiency and care of the patients within the practice. As a lead nurse, I will encourage the continued use of quality measures to manage, monitor, and improve patient outcomes in diabetic clients within the practice.


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