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WU Pharmacy Mini Clinic Creating a Form Report

I’m working on a databases project and need guidance to help me learn.

This stage will be a component in your “Pharmacy Mini Clinic”User input form for (week seven)

I will be using the data create for stage 6 to do this the first thing I’m going to do is select the forms button to the left and then click use wizard to create form you will then see each step

In step one you will select the tables or queries and then the fields you want within the table or queries what I want to do is create a form for inserting information into the pet owner table therefore I will choose table pet owner and then I will select the fields first name last name and address and then click the single arrow the reason I did not select owner ID is because this is a primary key that autoincrements therefore it will not need to include it and will then click next.

Step 2 is for setting up subforms which could be useful for showing data from tables or queries with one-to-many relationships we will not be doing this so I will skip it and click next.

In step five you can arrange how your form will display this is based on preference that was acceptable to choose whichever one you would like and then click Next.

Step 6 then allows you to set conditions for entering data such as allowing or not allowing deletion of existing data I will not be using any conditions in this demonstration, so I’ll go ahead and click next.

Step 7 is another step for changing the way that form will look this is also preference so once I click what I want I’ll go ahead and click next.

In step 8 I can change the name of the form I will rename it as data entry for pet owner and I will leave work with this form selected and click finish the form is now created and we can click the arrows down below to cycle through the data so as you can see the current set of data is John doe and if I click next it is Jane doe I click next again this will give me another spot to enter an additional set of data so I will enter Dan Doe last name address I can then click close and yes to save I will then click tables double click pet owner and as you can see Dan Doe was successfully inserted into the pet owner table using the user input form that was just created and that is how you create a user input form


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